Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Family is growing

Well as most of you know we are expecting our 4th and final baby. We are due August 8, 2009, but the doctor says I will probably end up having a c-section at the end of July! The beginning was pretty rough I was very sick and very tired. I also had some strange symptoms that I thought were from the pregnancy but later after blood tests found out otherwise! I found out I have Hyperthyroidism which was making all my frist trimester pregnancy symptoms horriable! Now I am on 6 meds a day to control this and I feel much much better! Hunter already points to my belly and says baby! He LOVES babies so I think he will really enjoy being a big brother! Auston and Gracie dont say much about it right now I dont think they get what is coming yet Auston still talks about me taking him to Noah's Ark this summer, and I have to explain to him that I cant do it this summer because we will have a new baby! Every day is a worry after the miscarriage last July I worry constantly that everything is ok! So far so good! I can feel the baby kicking mostly at night and I actually find myself not moving so the baby wont stop kicking! We will find out the sex of the baby March 17, 2009 cant wait for that for some reason I think its a girl. I have no preference what so ever I just want a healthy happy baby to bring home and add to the family! So I will update when I find out!
Gracie and Auston are doing great in school they are both extremely smart talented children that strive at everything they do!! We couldn't be more proud of them! Hunter is striving and learning new things every day! I am soooo lucky to be able to be home with him every day so I don't miss a single thing! Jon is excited for his new classes to start for work which he is receiving a permotion and lots of important training for his future!